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A Shadow of Hawkeye's Garrison MH WCX

​October 21, 2011 - August 2020


Health Certificates

Hunting Lab Pedigree

Gunner, A Shadow of Hawkeye's Garrison MH, WCX, carries on a rich tradition of a pedigree that produces the best of what a lab can be. Gunner's sire, Lincoln - FC A Shadow of Abe, is one of 14 Field Champions sired by FC AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood Shadow. Lincoln made Field Champion in 2010 and was one of 104 dogs that qualified for the 2010 National Retriever's Club Open and he has easily made the transition into the Hunt Test Competitions. Lincoln passes on his competitive ability to Gunner both in the field and in hunt test competitions. 

Gunner has the ability to grasp concepts the first time in training. Those concepts have carried over into his ability to be a dominant hunting dog in the water and upland situations. Gunner is a very strong swimmer and can negotiate white cap conditions on lakes that most dogs would not attempt. He is also very tolerant to cold and will hunt in zero degree weather retrieving both ducks and geese on land or water. He is 82 pounds, very strong, fast, intelligent and determined. Gunner is capable of short and long retrievers out to 250 yards with minimal handling. He will run his blinds just as hard as he will his marks and will do so on multiple, complex retrieves. Sometimes I wonder if Gunner is missing his calling as a field trial competitor.

Gunner earned his AKC Junior Title at 10 months of age, Senior Title at 22 months and Master Title at 3 years old. Gunner is available at stud. He has an OFFA hip rating of 'Excellent', elbows are 'Normal' and his current CERF is 'Normal'. Gunner is clear of all recessive traits by genetic testing and pedigree. All genetic testing and OFFA results are available through the links above and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Gunner is a black male that is factored for chocolate and has been confirmed by genetic testing by DDC.

Owners that want their dog bred with Gunner must have an approved bitch. Owners are required to provide AKC registration and pedigree, OFA hip ratings of at least 'Good', elbows that are 'Normal', a 'Normal CERF', and have a brucellosis test within 14 days of breeding. Progesterone testing of the bitch is required to ensure the best window for breeding. We will provide fresh chilled semen to a veterinarian with experience in artificial insemination. The stud fee for Gunner is $800. A stud contract agreement is required.